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Our Team members

Department of Architecture


Dr. Cesar Jung-Harada
Research interest: Ocean Technology, shape shifting robotics for the ocean environment

CV: Chinese 

Dr. Philip Yongxin Li
Research interest: Marine chemical biology

CV: Chinese English 

Dr. Philip Yongxin Li.jpg

Department of Chemistry

Department of Civil Engineering


Dr. Ji Chen
Dr. Chen’s research is focused on water resources, climate change and urbanization effects, application remote sensing to hydrology, terrestrial hydrologic processes integrated watershed processes (water, sediment, and water pollutants). Currently, he also studies the influences of anthropogenic activities on freshwater discharge from the Pearl River Basin to the Pearl River Estuary and estuarine salinity.

CV: Chinese English 


Dr. May Chui
Dr. Chui studies coastal hydrodynamics and its interaction with ecology, particularly in coastal wetlands.

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Dr. Mingfu Guan
Dr. Guan’s research has mainly focused on computational hydraulics, catchment hydrology, urban stormwater risk, sediment transport processes and their modelling techniques. He has expertise in computational fluid dynamics and its applications in various natural environments, including river, estuary, coastal and nearshore waters.

CV: Chinese English 


Dr. Manman Hu
Research interest: Subsurface complex system, coupled process of bio-chemical hydro-mechnical process,
Urban-coastal interactions/dynamics, coastal erosion by climate change, submarine energy extraction

CV: Chinese English 


Dr. Ye Qian
Dr. Qian studies smart construction materials and technologies, including for marine environment, such as using 3D printing to print coral reefs and underwater concrete. 

CV: Chinese English 


Prof. Chuyang Tang

Professor Tang is an environmental engineer and his research is focused on seawater desalination, pollution control, beneficial use of saline brine, and energy and resources harvest from the ocean (blue energy, precious metal recovery (e.g., lithium).

CV: Chinese English 


Prof. Tong Zhang

Prof. Zhang’s researches include environmental bioinformatics, omics technologies, anaerobic digestion and bioenergy from wastes/wastewater, biological wastewater treatment (N removal and P recovery), biodegradation of emerging pollutants (antibiotics, PPCP and EDCs), antibiotic and antibiotic resistance genes, etc.  Prof. Zhang has always concerned about marine environmental pollution, carrying out investigation on microbial source track, microbiomes and ARGs in marine sediments in Hong Kong.

CV: Chinese English 

Department of Computer Science


Dr. Reynold C.K. Cheng 
Dr. Cheng is a computer scientist and his research is focused on data engineering and data mining, including uncertain databases, sensor databases, and knowledge graph construction and analytics.

CV: Chinese English

Dr. Heming Cui
Research interest: Big data systems

CV: Chinese English

Department of Earth Sciences


Prof. Jimmy Jiao

Prof. Jiao is interested in Submarine groundwater discharge and its environmental and ecological effects, Dynamic interaction between seawater and groundwater, Subsurface airflow induced by sea tides, Impact of land reclamation on coastal groundwater regimes and Offshore hydrogeology

CV: Chinese English 


Dr. Nicole Khan
The overarching theme of my research is the use of sedimentary, microfossil and geochemical indicators to produce and synthesize records of present and past storms, floods and sea levels, and their extent of geological and ecological impacts. These records provide means to assess future risk, reveal the spatial and temporal variability of coastal inundation and decipher the relationship of these events to global climatic changes. I am an international leader in bringing together regional sea-level databases spanning 20,000 years ago to present create a unified global database to answer questions about mechanisms driving local to global sea-level changes. 

CV: Chinese English


Dr. Zhonghui Liu

Dr. Liu is interested in Paleoceanography/Paleoclimatology, Cenozoic climatic and environmental changes and the evolution of Asian monsoon variability

CV: Chinese English 


Dr. Christelle Not

Dr. Christelle Not is an environmental geochemist. Her research interests focus on the impact of human on the ocean and the climate. She is actively working in paleo-climate reconstruction, paleoceanography and plastic and microplastic pollution

CV: Chinese English 


Dr. Benoit Thibodeau

Dr. Thibodeau is interested in Marine Biogeochemistry, Chemical Oceanography Pollution and Paleoceanography

CV: Chinese English 


Prof. Yongqiang Zong
Research interest: Ocean currents & sedimentation

CV: Chinese English

Department of Geography

Dr. Steven Hongsheng Zhang.png

Dr. Steven Hongsheng Zhang
Dr. Zhang is studying the coastal sustainability using multiple advanced remote sensing technologies, with a focus on the monitoring of mangrove forests and investigating the impacts of human activities on coastal sustainability.

CV: Chinese English 

Dr. Lishan Ran.png

Dr. Wendy Y. Chen

Research interest: Environmental & Resource Economics

CV: Chinese 

Dr. Lishan Ran

Dr Ran is a physical geographer and his research interests reside in water quality & pollution, carbon cycle, and greenhouse gas emissions from waterbodies

CV: Chinese English 

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Prof. DennisYC_Leung.png

Prof. Dennis Y.C. Leung

Prof. Leung is interested in Air pollution control and policy, photocatalysis for antifouling, marine power and micro-plastic removal system

CV: Chinese English 

Jiyun Song.png

Dr. Jiyun Song

Dr. Song is interested in Climate change adaptation, land-atmosphere interactions, urban hydrometeorology, atmospheric boundary layer dynamics, environmental fluid dynamics

CV: Chinese English 

Dr. Jin Wu

Jin Wu is a broadly trained ecologist and remote sensing scientist. His research is focused on harnessing cutting-edge satellite technology and wireless sensor technology to study the structure, composition and function of Mangrove ecosystems as well as the concentrations and biogeography of algae and its connection with water quality.

CV: Chinese English

Dr. Thiyagarajan (Rajan) Vengatesen
Dr. Thiyagarajan is interested in Biofouling, Biomaterials and Aquaculture Research
CV: English 

School of Biological Sciences / SWIMS

Jin Wu.jpg

Prof. Kenneth Leung
Professor Leung is a marine ecologist and his research is focused on marine ecology, pollution, ecotoxicology, environmental risk assessment, marine biodiversity conservation and ecologically engineered shorelines

CV: Chinese English 


Dr. Jetty Lee

Dr. Lee is interested in the relationship of environmental stressors, oxidative stress and marine ecosystem. In particular the association of food web using fatty acid and its oxidized metabolites as biomarkers, bioactive and signalling molecules.

CV: Chinese English


Dr. Moriaki Yasuhara

Dr. Yasuhara is a Paleontologist, Paleoecologist, Macroecologist, Biogeographer, Evolutionary biologist, Marine biologist, Micropaleontologist, Paleoceanographer and Quaternary geologist

CV: English

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