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Activities and News

HKU Ocean Research Alliance - Regular Seminar Series

9 Dec 2019

  • Social Demands & Willingness-to-Pay for Ecosystem Services of Oceans by Dr Wendy Chen, Department of Geography

  • Reconfiguration Computing at the Edge by Dr Hayden So, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • Diffusing green technologies for sustainable development by Dr Jung Eun Kim, Department of Politics & Public Administration

  • Extreme Weather Events & Risk Perceptions of Climate Change in Coastal Cities by Dr Terry van Gevelt, Department of Politics & Public Administration

8 Oct 2019

  • The Making of the International Ocean Station by Dr Cesar Jung-Harada, Department of Architecture

  • Environmental Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Genes as Emerging Pollutants by Professor Tong Zhang, Department of Civil Engineering

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